Overview of the 7" Video Surveillance Set "Touch"

  • Complete set consisting of an IR wireless outdoor camera, monitor, and docking station
  • Outdoor camera (protection class IP66) with infrared night vision function
  • Can be extended to include up to four wireless cameras
  • Easy operation of the 7” monitor with integrated loudspeaker via touch screen
  • Video and audio data transmitted via encrypted digital radio

Up to four cameras are always in view

The 7" Video Surveillance Set "Touch"

The 7” Video Surveillance Set "Touch" is part of the Smart Security World, and is therefore functional and fully integrated into the app. Up to four cameras can be linked to the docking station, so you really do have everything you need at a glance – it’s practically a miniature surveillance hub.

Like all products in the Smart Security World, the set can be linked intuitively to the Smartvest, and the touch screen is characterised by its user-friendliness and ease of operation.

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