»Secure and smart...

in our end-terrace house in the suburbs, with five bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, guest toilet and terrace over 135 m2. 

Our Smart Security World set-up includes:
  • 1 x Smartvest Alarm Panel
  • 5 x Smartvest Wireless Opening Detector
  • 4 x Smartvest Wireless Socket
  • 5 x Smartvest Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector

Security gets smart


Security for the entire family

Our Smart Security World

For us, smart means keeping everything we hold dear secure, and with Smartvest, we are able to combine an alarm system with baby care and smart functions. Thanks to the Smartvest, we can trust that everything is in safe hands, which means we can relax and enjoy the nicer things in life.

Our Smartvest offers:

Simple operation that we all understand. The ability to check whether everything is as it should be with a quick glance at our tablet or smartphone. Smartvest combines alarm, baby care and smart functions into one system and just one app, bringing greater security for everything we hold dear.

And the Smartvest will continue to be a good fit for us as time goes by.

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