An overview of the Smartvest alarm panel

  • The heart of your smart home – quickly installed thanks to Plug and Play
  • Mobile access from any location via the free Smartvest app (for iOS and Android)
  • The right room temperature – integrated hygrometer that displays room temperature and humidity
  • Alarms raised immediately with the built-in, high-volume 90 dB siren and push notifications in the app and by email
  • Total security even in a power cut, thanks to battery backup

The Smartvest Alarm Panel

The heart of your smart home

Up to 32 wireless components and four IP cameras can be connected to the Smartvest Alarm Panel via the free app, making it the hub of any modern home, with reliable wireless security, combined with attractive home-automation functions.

It is very easy to install any other components thanks to Plug and Play, as these are preconfigured and can easily be integrated using the free app. All other settings (e.g. presence simulation) are easy and intuitive to make using your tablet or smartphone. An integrated hygrometer also makes it possible to react to changes in room temperature and humidity at any time.

In the event of an emergency, the alarm panel activates its built-in, high-volume 90 dB siren; it can also raise the alarm simultaneously via push notifications in the app and email.

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