An overview of the Smartvest Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector

  • Your reliable tool for detecting smoke and heat
  • Recommended installation locations: bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms and hallways (as well as all emergency exit routes)
  • Low battery notification sent to the Smartvest alarm panelLarge test button for convenient self-testing and for test alarms
  • Fast and clean installation with no need for drilling (HSZU10000 magnetic mounting kit available)

Alarmed when everyone else is asleep

The Smartvest Combined Smoke/Heat Detector

The Smartvest Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector can be relied upon to raise the alarm in the event of harmful smoke and heat buildup and, as it is a combination detector, to minimise the likelihood of any unwanted false alarms.

To avoid being caught off-guard by fires and smoke buildup, we recommend installation in bedrooms and living rooms, as well as playrooms and in all hallways and landings. One additional option for the Smartvest Smoke/Heat Detector is the magnetic mounting kit, a clean and fast way of carrying out a full installation without the need for drilling.

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