An overview of the Smartvest Motion Detector

  • Reliable monitoring of large rooms or setting of smart functions to make life easier
  • Quick and cable-free installation without the need for wires or drilling thanks to battery operation
  • Detection of persons using infrared with a maximum range of 12 m
  • Daily tests of functionality and recording of any errors on the alarm panel – also when battery is low
  • The batteries have a lifespan of up to two years

Notices every movement in its range

Smartvest Wireless Motion Detector

The Smartvest Wireless Motion Detector enables you to monitor rooms, while its battery operation makes it easy to install, avoiding the need for drilling and wiring.

It can be relied upon to detect persons in the room using infrared, and has a range of up to 12 metres. When the battery is low, the Smartvest Wireless Motion Detector sends an automatic notification to the alarm panel and to the app overview page in good time. The app then guides you step by step through the process of replacing the batteries.

In combination with the Smartvest Wireless Socket, you can then initiate certain smart functions (such as motion detected, light on).

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