An overview of the Smartvest Wireless Siren

  • Smartvest extension for sounding alarms indoors and outdoors
  • High-volume siren (up to 100 dB) and red LED strobe light
  • Tamper protection with daily function tests and feedback sent to the Smartvest Alarm Panel
  • Robust and weatherproof (Protection class IP44)
  • Battery life of up to 2 years

Impossible to ignore

The Smartvest Wireless Siren

To be able to raise the alarm both indoors and outdoors, the Smartvest Wireless Siren is fitted with a high-volume siren (up to 100 dB) and a red LED strobe light.

Battery operation (battery life: up to two years) means no wiring is required during installation; when the battery is low, the alarm panel is notified immediately. To be able to guarantee real security, the Smartvest Wireless Siren is fitted with tamper protection in the form of an anti-removal wall contact.

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