An overview of the Smartvest wireless remote control

  • Easy operation of Smartvest without a smartphone or tablet
  • Direct, push-button operation with no need to enter a PIN code
  • The quickest way to arm and disarm the Smartvest
  • Visual feedback via blue LED
  • In an emergency, just a push of a button is enough to trigger a panic alarm

Always smart and simple

Smartvest Wireless Remote Control

In addition to the smartphone and tablet option, the Smartvest Wireless Remote Control offers you another streamlined and convenient option for operation – at the push of a button, without the need for a PIN code.

With this option, you can both arm and disarm the Smartvest or, in an emergency, trigger a panic alarm at the touch of a button. Besides this, the camera can be set to record with just the press of a button.

The Smartvest Wireless Remote Control thus provides basic control options in a compact and handy form ensuring it is simple and intuitive to use.  

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