An overview of the Smartvest Wireless Socket

  • Activate your home and control many of your electronic devices
  • Use smart functions such as open door, switch on lights or sophisticated presence simulation
  • Quick and cable-free installation without the need for wires or drilling
  • The best accessibility for all components thanks to repeater functions for enhanced coverage (e.g. detectors)
  • They can also be operated manually directly at the socket

Make your life even smarter


The Smartvest Wireless Socket

The Smartvest Wireless Socket enables you to automatically switch on a number of electronic devices, either yourself via the app or completely automatically according to a personalised time schedule.

This way, a range of smart functions, such as presence simulation, can be carried out. Or you could even set the coffee machine to switch on before you are out of bed.

Your imagination is the only limit on what you can do with the Socket and app, making everyday life as smart and secure as it always should be.

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